Experiments and Theory on collective animal behavior

Analysis of brain dynamics

Adapting and extending AI for data analysis

Main Interests

New ways to look at collective behavior and brain dynamics


Mathematical modelling and analysis tools, behavior, AI, imaging, molecular biology, VR


Zebrafish and Humans groups, networks

The universe is written in mathematical language. (Galileo Galilei)


It is extremely difficult to understand behavior or how a neuronal circuits works.

Sometimes we get lucky and a simple idea (from control theory, bayesian estimation or information theory) manages to get us some illuminating mathematical expression. 

Some other times we resort to more complex ways to analyze the data and give less intuitive but quantitative ways to summarize it (for example, using deep networks).

Another part of our strategy is to use both zebrafish and human experiments as they offer different advantages. With zebrafish we can use techniques from neuroscience and genetics while in humans we can make contact with other disciplines like sociology or economics.

And the most important part of our strategy is to work on stuff we find cool.